Sunday, October 6, 2013

Supply Package please! ;-)

Hey mama-

So proud of you for completing your first week of school! That is so cool! Thanks for being an inspiration to me!

So I am in need of some stuff. Hope it's okay if I make a list!
-Paper clips
-Thank you cards
-Colored paper
-A rug for the bathroom floor
-An English dictionary to look up words in the scriptures
-Phyllis (my teddy bear)

Also, can you send a letter for my companion? She needs a piece of mail to get a library card. She is so awesome. Her family doesn't really write to her, and her mom never writes because she doesn't know how to use a computer so her mission president gave her special permission to call her every 3 months. Sister Alvine is a convert and none of her family joined with her. She is such a strong person, I get a lot of strength from her.
And I get so much strength from you and your emails! Thanks for always being there for me! I miss you a lot, sometimes I want to come home, but I know I am involved in a great work and I never want to quit before it's my time, even though it's hard sometimes.
Love you tons!

PS: The picture is from when me and Sister Marks got to teach the young girls at Achievement Days on our last night together. It was so cool, only one of the girls that was there is an active member of the 2nd ward. The two black girls are M's kids that we got to come, and the hispanic girl is from the Spanish branch and the blond girl in the pink shorts comes from a less active family (her mom is totally inactive). It was amazing to see them work together and support each other in the activities that we had them do. So so so cool.

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