Sunday, October 6, 2013

July 8th

Hey Mom!
I have had a pretty good week, we taught 16 people so that was awesome. Our mission goal is to teach 20 lessons/people a week, and the closest I've ever made it is 18, and me and Sister Palmer are working back up to that. Sister Palmer, my new companion is great, I love her. She turned out to be a lot different than I initially thought. She goes home at the end of this transfer, so hopefully we can make the next 6 weeks the best we can since we only have 6 weeks together. We are both working on being more loving and being obedient out of love for God, not just because we have to. President Wall said something cool about obedience last week at Mission Leader Council. He said, "I have no disobedient missionaries in this mission. I only have some missionaries who are missing out on some blessings and other missionaries who are working hard to receive as many blessings as possible." And I love that. It's true- just by being here on a mission, you are being obedient. But as levels of exact obedience vary, so do amounts of blessings received.
Thanks for that awesome counsel from Elder Bednar! I'm studying a talk by him about the Atonement and last week I read a talk by him on Chastity and the Plan of Salvation. He is seriously the best ever.
To answer your questions...
Question Time!
1.) Grandmother Lovely told me I was sending too many packages and that I was going to make you homesick. So I want to know, truthfully, if the packages are hurting more then they are helping….be honest!! I want to help you however best that I can!!!

 No way Jose, I am not homesick when you send packages, honest. I love it. But maybe no more than one package month would be easier on my companions. But seriously, I love getting packages!!!! :) Letters are great too. Thanks soooooo much by the way for all the half tees. They are awesome. And I loved the puffed rice balls! Sister Palmer loves them too!

2.)How is it going with the new companion? Do you need to vent……

No, Sister Palmer is awesome. 

3.) Are you getting enough sleep and drinking enough water?

Kind of and sort of. You know how much I like to sleep in, but Sister Palmer is big on getting enough sleep so we got permission to take naps during lunch or dinner break, and we try to be really diligent about getting to bed on time. I need to do better with the Water thing, but I'm trying. Especially after getting dehydrated that one time.

4.) Did your tooth situation get better? Is it still bothering you?

It comes and goes. The x-ray showed that my tooth is perfectly healthy, so the dentist thought I should try a night guard because maybe my clenching and grinding is causing the pain. To be honest the pain is more in my jaw than in my tooth, but it's not as intense as it was before (the dentist did a bite adjustment) so I'm just going with it. I really really really don't want to get a root canal, especially if that's not what's causing the problem.

5.) Are you loving your haircut? No remorse? We all thought you looked darling!!

Love it! So easy and fast! And it's long enough thtat I can pull it up. Here's another picture with Sister Palmer so you can see her.

K, sorry this letter was jumbly. Hopefully I can take a nap today. ;-)


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