Sunday, October 6, 2013

Denham Springs!

Hey family!

So I am now in Denham Springs Louisiana! I am here with Sister Alvine, a Temple Square sister who is serving in Louisiana for two transfers, and I freakin' love her! She has a loud infectious laugh, she loves to dance and sing, and she was born in Cameroon in Africa and then moved to France to go to college and to work. She might be my favorite companion ever :)

So we were assigned to open the area for sisters and we are covering two wards, Denham Springs 1 and 2. There are elders in both wards, but there haven't been sisters in Denham 1 for a few years and there have never ever been sisters in Denham 2. I kind of felt like a rockstar or a celebrity at church yesterday - everyone wanted to introduce themselves to us and shake our hands, people were asking us to come over for dinner right and left, we got asked to speak and to come to Mutual with the Young Women, it was crazy. In Peru, I was a "rockstar" because I had white skin. Here I am a "rockstar" because I am a sister missionary, and that means something. It is so crazy. I hope we can live up to the hype!

There is not much investigator work going on here, because the Bishoprics seem to be focusing on less active work and getting the members to be more missionary minded. So we are trying to visit less actives, get them reactivated, and help bring their family in the church because surrounding every less active member are children or spouses or siblings that have never been baptized. It's really exciting and it's a different way to do missionary work. It's harder and there's less immediate satisfaction than tracting, but it's what our ward leaders want us to do, and our Mission President is big on us doing anything the ward leaders ask as long as it's a righteous desire.

I'm attaching a picture of the sweet trailer where we live. It's owned by a member of Denham 1 and it's behind a car wash which is pretty sweet. I've only had to kill two cockroaches so far, other than that it's a super nice place, and we have a car too, hooray!

I love you all and pray for you lots! Hope all is well!
-Sister Chausow

PS: My new address is -
26033 Highway 16
Denham Springs, LA


Our sweet trailer! This is my new companion Sister Alvine!

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