Sunday, October 6, 2013

August 12th Happy Day!

Hey family!
 Love you and miss you all as usual! Glad to hear that things are going well in the various parts of the country. I love getting your emails and letters. Thanks for keeping me going!

So I didn't get transferred but I did kind of. I am now part of a "zebra companionship" - my companion is Hermana Marks and together we are going to split our time between the BR 2nd ward (where I've been serving for the last three months) and the BR 5th branch (the Spanish branch where Hermana Marks has been serving for 8-ish months). We are still the Sister Training Leaders, so we get to work in that assignment still as well, and pretty much we've been running running running trying to figure out how we are going to manage our new responsibilities. President Wall does this great thing where he gives someone an assignment and lets them figure it out themselves. The most direction he gave us is "Consult with your zone and district leaders." And of course when we did their eyes kind of glazed over haha. The good news is that Sister Marks is super fun and funny - she keeps my laughing which I definitely need to keep me sane. She is also super loving towards the people and really really hard working and I'm excited to pick up the pace. And we share clothes so that's just an added bonus. :) She has been out for a little over a year (goes home in December) and we are working on our Spanish together. President made this random comment to me when I saw him the day after transfer meeting - "How's it going with Sister Marks? Hopefully it's getting you ready to train a Spanish sister." And then he walked away. And I about had a heart attack and had to have Sister Marks call an ambulence. But then I decided that I will just focus on the now and we will worry about training and speaking Spanish full time when that day comes. For now, just keep going one day at a time!

So yeah, that's my update on the companion situation. We got three new missionaries in our district, including a new district and I absolutely love our district. Instead of district meeting we've begun calling it family meeting and I just have so much fun when I'm with them, and it's like the good clean, uplifting fun that makes you want to be a better person. I just love it. The only problem is that Elder King, who just got transferred to Plaquemine, is a Sharks fan, and I still have beef with the Sharks for stealing Anti Niemmi, but I'm also working on the Christ-like attribute of forgiveness so hopefully I can work through it :) LOL!

Please continue praying for Sarah. She AND her husband (woo hoo!) were going to come volunteer at Bishop's Storehouse with us, but because we received some bad information, things got mixed up and we were unable to get them a ride. Hopefully we didn't totally lose their trust. We are going to try to see them tomorrow and I really really really hope that we can actually teach them about the Restoration. Up to this point, we've talked about God in general, and we've been answering her questions about Mormons. But I really want her to be able to take the steps to the temple so her and her amazing husband and her super cute kids can be sealed int he temple. They are already amazing and I want so badly for them to have more! And hopefully they can come to church soon so they can feel the Spirit and feel of the love that is there.

K, love you all tons! Thanks for being such a great example to me!

-Love, Sister Chausow

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