Friday, April 12, 2013

Uof U Flags, Cockroaches and other adjustments.....

Hello Friends, Family and Fellow Citizens-
This is Mama Chausow and I was so excited to get Johanna's snail mail letter today.  She shared some very pertinent details with me that I had been wondering about.  First interesting tidbit was the situation with the bugs that are quite numerous in Louisiana.  (I had worried about the bugs because when Johanna was in grade school we toured a cave in Tennessee and the walls were completely covered with creepy crawlers!  She didn't like it much AT ALL and I wondered if that experience would haunt her in the South.)
In Johanna's letter she also asked me to send her the weekly weather forecast.  It made me realize that I certainly take it for granted that I can check the tv, radio, newspaper, i-phone, or computer to find this information.  What a change to live technology free and not have these things at your fingertips!
Well, sit back and relax and enjoy reading another glimpse into the life of a Sister missionary "Serving in the South"!

Hey Mom-
Sorry my e-mails are always so rushed.  I just wanted to let you know about a few more things that I forgot/didn't have time to write about.
Hopefully everyone shares the letters I send because each says something different.  There is so much to tell.  My apartment is old but decent. NO cockroaches or bugs so I'm totally good.  The weather is getting much warmer.  Do you think you could send a print out of the weekly weather forecast or put it in your e-mail?  It is hard to dress here sometimes.
Oh, and my companion is a Ute/Utah fan and has this ugly red Utah banner hanging by my desk.  So could you maybe send a BYU flag?  I could also use a small hymnal (the one I brought is in spanish) and biking Sisters can  use backpacks, so if you could send my black backpack that I used in Peru, that would be awesome!
Sorry this has turned in to a gimme gimme letter.  I'm bummed because there's nothing I can do for you in return.  I tried to send pictures, but couldn't figure out the computer.  Please tell Dad thanks for buying such an awesome bike.  We don't have a car and the bus runs on a limited schedule, so our bikes definitely come in handy!
Love, Sister C

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