Monday, April 8, 2013

Highlights from the first day of serving as a Missionary!

Johanna sent me (Mama Chausow) a private letter but asked me to include her first day highlights in her blog!  So sit back and enjoy the fun...........

First day highlights:
-Falling off my bike into a mud puddle (awesome!)
-The chain falling off my bike and then having to walk home in the rain  (seriously awesome!)
-Meeting our ward members at the Young Single Adult picnic on Sunday
-Making plans to visit the four investigators the previous Elders left for us
-And of course General Conference rocked my socks, especially President Uchtdorf's talk and Elder Holland's talk

I Love you all so much!  I thank the Lord for sending me to our family!
Sister Chausow
Alma 14:28

p.s.--A little note from the Mama:  A special thanks to all of you that have sent Johanna letters, packages and prayers!  They mean the world to her (and to us!)Your friendship and love mean the world to us!  Can't wait til next week to hear what adventures she has enjoyed!  :-)

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