Monday, April 1, 2013

Letters to Dad and the Family

Hey Daddy!
I just wanted to tell you specifically that I love you and thank you for the wonderful advice you sent in your e-mail.  Thank you also for the Easter card- I've opened one card every day for four days and it seems like each card has been exactly what I needed on that day.  Just know that I love you and I love serving the Lord.
Thank you for letting me go :)
Sister Chausow

Hey Family!
Sending you all love and hugs from the MTC! Life here is great, and while I've had some ups and downs, I love the spirit and the love that I feel here.
Some highlights from last week include:
-Bonding with my district (four elders and five sisters)  Elder Ott is super funny- he does the best Forest Gump impressions, and I've learned a lot from Elder Elmer- he is an amazing example of hard work and confidence.  I love my companions (I'm in a trio)-Sister Wolf is from Texas and says y'all a lot, and Sister Stennett is from Hawaii and she is so sunny and happy, just like her home state.
-The food:  I eat waaaay too much ice cream here.  It's kinda embarassing......
-The Spirit:  It's amazing how much I can feel God's love here, not only for myself but for the people I serve and for the people I serve with.  I've definitely come to know God better and my Savior Jesus Christ while I've been here.

I love you all and I'm sorry I can't write more/send pictures.
Sister Chausow

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