Monday, April 1, 2013

Questions! Answering all Mom's questions! :-)

Mama Cakes!
Oh my gosh, I love love LOVED reading your email.  And I loved the package that you sent and my entire district loved the donuts!  You definitely know how to spoil a sister missionary:)
It's hard to tell you how much I loved reading all the updates, and thank you so much for the encouragement.  When I read your e-mail, it felt like the world was normal again for a minute and that was really comforting.
Let me answer your questions and then I'll write some updates of my own:
1.) Are you sleeping okay?
Yes! The night seems like it is over the minute I close my eyes but I am definitely sleeping okay.  I wish we could sleep a little bit more but I get at least 7 to 7.5 hours of sleep every night so that is great. I'm surprisingly doing okay with getting up early.  I get a little sleepy in the afternoons, but all in all the Lord has blessed me to be able to be awake and alert most of the time.
2.) Are you warm enough?  We did not send you dressed for snow and it seems like it has snowed every day you have been at the MTC.
I am warm enough, and I am so glad you made me take long sleeve cardigans/jackets.  I'm also glad that I brought thick tights-those have been a life saver.  Thank you so much for sending those other black tights (my favorite pair in the whole world).  The cold here really isn't that cold compared to Wisconsin winters, so I am fine, but one of my companions, who is from Hawaii, has really struggled with the cold and snow.  She really misses the sunshine and warmth, but she has a really good attitude and she sets a great example to me about positive thinking.
3.) Are you getting enough to eat?
Yes, I am actually getting too much to eat- the food here is pretty good and not always the healthiest.  I need to have some self control when it comes to how much ice cream I eat, and I could use a little more fruit and veggies in my diet :)
4.) Spend whatever money you need if you need to purchase some warm clothes!
Like I said before, the long sleeve cardigans with my rain jacket over it and the long tights keep me really warm, so I am A-OK!

I think I am going to send a general e-mail to the fam, and the grandparents but I specifically wanted to answer your questions and thank you for everything.  My other companion, Sister Wolf, has gotten no mail and didn't get an e-mail from her family, and I feel so so sad for her.  At the same time, I've realized how blessed I am, and I thank Heavenly Father for putting me in your loving, stable family.

Sending lots of Love!
Just so you know, when I get to Louisiana next week, I will have missed p-day, so I won't be able to email until a week from Monday.  But I am sure that they will let me send you a quick letter via snail mail just so you know that I'm alive.  Also, we are allowed to call home when we get to the airport in SLC, so expect an  early morning call (7-ish your time?) next week Tuesday.
Sister Chausow

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