Monday, January 6, 2014

You are in Florida???? Woot woot that is so exciting! Glad to hear the weather is nicer over there than it is over here - all the tights you sent are really coming in handy!

So Transfers are actually tomorrow (we had that huge shuffle with Sister Alvine and Sistre Lyons and SIster Klein early because the temple square transfer schedule is two weeks earlier than ours is in Loosiana) so here is the transfer update- Sister Klein (from Brazil) is getting transferred tomorrow and I am staying in Denham Springs. So sad that she is leaving, I stinkin love this girl, she is so great. Not sure where she is going or who my new companion will be - I didn't get a call from President so I won't be training or in leadership, so we will just have to see what comes! Also, our district is getting pretty much destroyed - both of the North elders are getting transferred and one of the south elders is getting transferred. So me and Elder Smith will be the only ones left in our district, crazy. It's funny because of all the Elders, Elder Smith is the one that I still struggle to get along with - all the others I learned to love and get along with and see their strengths, but the one that I still have a hard time with is the one that is staying haha. I guess Heavenly Father wants us to keep working together until we learn how to get along lol. I'll keep you posted on how that goes...

So highlights of the week include:
Finding a new, pretty much golden investigator! E is the cousin of M, who is an active young woman in 2nd ward who is getting ready to go on a mission. She comes from a less active family who recently had to move in with E and his family because M's house in Baton Rouge burned down, so sad. But her and E got to talking about the gospel, and he felt the Spirit really strongly as she taught and testified, and the next day when we came over to work with Miranda on practicing teaching the Preach My Gospel lessons, he came in the room and said, "Hey can I sit in on yalls' lesson?" And we said of course, and we ended up teacing him the Restoaration and he just ate it all up. I felt impressed by the Spirit to invite him to be baptized on January 11th, and he said yes! Crazy sauce! But the Spirit was there really strong, and it was just awesome. Please pray for him and his family - he really wants to invite his mom and sister to hear what he has been learning about but is worried about how they will take it.

Lastly- we get to Skype in 14 days, woo hoo! I can hardly believe it! So exciting! You guys are just the best, I can't wait to see your faces!

Also, this last week we had our "A Night in Bethlehem" christmas party in 1st ward this last week. We were shop keepers at the craft shop, we also helped to decorate and set up the shops. It was a great event - almsot 225 people came and there were lots of nonmembers there. It was awesome. I'm attaching a picture of me and Sister Klein - we had some pretty cool costumes because Sister Wall is on it and sent us some super cool robes. Cintia Mallett took pictures of us too and said she would send them to you.

Well , I love you so much!  Love you more than all the camoflauge pants in the  Bass Pro Shop!


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