Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas is coming!

Oh man, I'm so excited to talk to y'all on christmas! And I'm just excited for Christmas in general! It is a season of love, giving, light, and happiness. I just love it. This week we did service at the Catholic food bank putting together the boxes of food that they are giving away for Christmas, and it reminded me of when we used to put boxes of food together and ding dong ditch them at peoples' houses. Thank you for setting such a great example and tradition of anonymous service. :)

So the plan for Christmas Day is as follows - we are going to visit this lady named Miss R (a potential investigator) at 10am. She is poor, lives alone, and at first didn't even want to talk about Christmas with us because she was sad and bitter that she will be alone on Christmas. But then we said "We are all alone on Christmas too! Can we come over and celebrate with you? We have a few boxes of jumbalaya and some sausage that we can cook up together and we can sing Christmas songs and read the Christmas story in the scriptures!" and her face changed and she said, "Yeah, I think I would really like that." So that is first on the agenda on Christmas. Then at 1pm we are going to the Tyler's a member family  in 1st ward and they are feeding us lunch and letting us use their computer to Skype. Sister Lucherini's family doesn't have Skype, so she will call while I Skype with yall. I am thinking it will happen around 2pm. Hope that's ok. Also, this time around we only get 40 minutes (last time my Trainer was a little less than exactly obedient so she told me we could have longer than we actually get...oops) but that is way better than nothing at all!!! I am so excited!

Me and Sister Lucherini are getting along well. We are both kind of quiet around each other but slowly we talk more and more.  But it's all good, she is really level headed which helps me a lot. I tend to be a firecracker when I get passionate about something but she helps balance me out and bring me back to the ground haha. I had exchanges with Sister Tiller again this week (she is one of the Sister Training leaders in Denham and this is the third time we've gone on exchanges together) and we are going to be best friends after the mission. We are both pretty convinced that we made promises in heaven with each other to serve as missionaries together and help each other when we struggle. It's awesome. She goes home in March so I''m really going to miss her. Sister Jones and Sister Tuft, two of my favorite sisters, went home at transfers, that was a crazy cry fest. It's amazing how much stronger your friendships become when you are together in the service of the Lord. I think I'm coming to understand better how Alma felt about the sons of Mosiah.

Your weather sounds crazy! It's weird to NOT have snow - yesterday was almsot 80 degrees and today it is 45. Not a flake of snow in sight. Weird. That was so nice of you to snow blow the neighbors driveway. Way to go!

K, I love you lots! Here is an update on D and the W's from my letter to President. Please continue praying for D. I love this family and I'm hoping if you guys come down to Louisiana sometime you can meet them one day. Also, our second lesson with C was kind of a train wreck haha. The member we took, Sister S, got waaaay too deep into the PLan of Salvation (she pretty much recited the Endowment movie to her, oops) and poor C was pretty confused. We went over Sunday and C invited us to come back on Tuesday to learn how to make seafood gumbo. She is hooked on Mormon Messages, and hopefully we can get her to read more of the Book of Mormon. Our upcoming goal is to get her to come listen to Elder Perry when he comes to the stake, but she doesn't do well with crowds so maybe stake conference won't be such a great idea. We need to talk to her about it. Miracles of the week:
-We contacted two people and gave them Joy to the World Dvds, and one of the people gave us her phone number! Woot!  We are all trying to get better at talking to everyone.
-E came to church! He is like 6'5" and has lots of tatoos, so he kind of stuck out, but he came and stayed all three hours. We have set January 11 as his baptismal date. Conveniently, Elder Perry will be here that day, so maybe he will come :)

K, love your guts!

See you Wednesday!

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