Thursday, May 22, 2014


Haha loved the title of your email. It made me laugh!

Thank you sooooo much for the Easter Package! It was adorable! Sister Monk got transferred so I crossed out her name on the tag and put Sister Biver's name (bee-VAIR) and we hid each other's baskets on Easter morning and then we found them and opened them! So fun! Thank you for making our day happy! We are excited to go to Target today :)
Thank you also for the purse and the snacks - two things that I've been needing. You always seem to know exactly what I need! My old purse was indeed looking a little haggard so thank you for helping me out. You are a spirit-led missionary mama - I swear the Spirit tells you exactly what I need exactly when I need it!
Also, thank you for the CD! We've been listening to it non-stop, and we sing loud in the car and harmonize and it's just the best. Thank you!
While you're in Utah, if you find any more lower lights or Brandon Heath or Casting Crowns music feel free to send it my way. Also, XL skirts that are bright and happy would be awesome! I'm so excited for you to be able to spend time with your parents and get a break and help them feel the love. You are so good at that.
And thank you for sending that package to Elder Hansen! He is going to love it - he got called to be a zone leader and the whole new area thing PLUS the new responsibilities was making him a little nauseous at transfers lol, so I know he will really appreciate it. Plus, we took their super nice 2014 Toyota Corolla and they have to drive our lame chevy malibu that is kind of falling apart, so that wasn't super awesome. I felt bad, but the Office Elders told us to do it, and now we don't have to worry about parts falling off so that's a relief :)
I BCC'd you into my email to Kath Teufel because I wanted you to hear about some fun things that have been happening around here. I'm attaching a picture of me and Elder Hansen doing the hot sauce challenge...I can' believe I let him persuade me to do that. So dumb. Good memory, but so dumb lol. 

SO! Stuff has been happening around here! I have a new companion! Sister Biver is from France (my second french companion haha) and she has been out for 6 months. I knew her a little bit because we were in the Denham Springs Zone together, but when we went on exchanges with the Albany sisters I went with Sister Lyons and Sister Recksiek went with Sister Biver so I didn't get to know her as well. But I am soooooo happy she is here! She is very girly but she is happy and fun and insists that we smile as much as possible. I really need that because I didn't do a lot of smiling last I'm glad she is here to bring some light back into my life! And we sing together a lot - we are both pretty good at harmonizing, so that's fun, and we are planning a musical fireside as a finding opportunity at he end of the transfer. I am just happy and filled with excitement for a fresh start. Elder Hansen told me that my motto for the transfer should be "Baptize Metairie" and so that is what we are going to do haha.  

Another thing, I am recommitting (again) to being more healthy. I know I've done this a gazillion times but hopefully one of these times it'll stick and I'll actually be able to change. I'm just telling you so that I can be accountable. Hopefully I can do it this time!

Good luck with your English Class and your religion class! Of course you are going  do oh so great! Also, I will be praying for you and dad as you adjust to your new responsibilities and roles. It always helps to have that Spiritual confirmation to back you up and to let you know that the Lord is in charge and He is the on who made all this happen, and He will be the one to help you serve and love and lift. You guys are two of the most amazing people I know, and I know that you will be a huge blessing to the people in that part of the Lord's vineyard!

Love you more than all the birdsong in the world!

-Sister Chausow 

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