Monday, May 6, 2013

More Q and A's for Mom!

Good Morning Lovely Parents!
Oh how I miss you. I'm so excited to talk to you next week. Sister Olsen is talking to her family at 4ish so can I call at 5ish? And we are allowed to skype, and there is a member of our ward who is willing to let us use her computer and hang out at her apartment for a bit, so hopefully, it's ok if we try skype. Then if the internet connection isnt great, then I'll just call the home phone.
So I don't know if you got my letter about the email with pictures in it, but it turns out that only two pictures actually made it into the draft and both are pretty boring. I'll send some awesome pictures next week now that I know how. Also, just so you know, I wrote most of that letter on P-Day but didn't send it until Wednesday because I kept forgetting, so I wasn't breaking mission rules by writing you on a day other than PDay :)
Thanks for sending that joke (mom) and all those crazy stories (dad)!!!! I can't believe our house almost got burned down twice in one night haha. What an adventure. At least you reacted (react people, react!!!). And that's okay about the dinner going up in flames when you were trying to feed the missionaries - it turns out that while missionaries like getting fed, they actually like getting to teach your friends a lot better. We have this saying - we don't want your food, we want your friends lol. But seriously, it's so true. I am going to be a much better member missionary now that I've realized that finding investigators through members is the only effective way to find, teach, and baptize.
And now to answer Mom's questions-
1. Do you get any dinner appts.? - Not really, since we are in a student ward and everyone is pretty poor themselves. We had one member buy us jamba juice after a long day at Free Speech Alley, and after the Ward Social, the bishop gave us a whole bag of buns, an unopened bag of frozen hamburger patties, and the left over icecream (Bluebell Icecream = God's gift to mankind) and I'm so freakin excited to have hamburger meat! But also I was humbled because the Bishop doesn't know us super well, and yet he was willing to give us a ton of left over food just because we are the Lord's servants. Woah. We are getting a thank you card in the mail today!

2. Does your apartment have air conditioning? Yes! And thank goodness! It gets pretty muggy here and it's nice to have AC. That's something we definitely didn't enjoy in Peru (Peru has been on my mind a lot lately since it's my one year mark since I went down there - crazy right?)

3. How are your clothes working out? Good, Bad? - I love my clothes! I am getting creative, mixing and matching, and I can't believe that I was worried that I was bringing too much clothing. I'm so glad I brought the amount that I did because I have enough to wear something different every day for two weeks, and everything is comfortable and cool. It's nice to feel cute even when you are sweaty and out of your comfort zone haha. There's a few things I might send home that aren't long enough for the mission and I don't want to be tempted by them. I want to be as strictly obediant as possible. It really does bring the Spirit.

4. Do you need anything that I could save the day with? - I could you some Olay face wipes. The neutrogena kind burns my skin, but the olay kind doesn't. That brand is just a little hard to find down here. Also, I would love some flowers to put in my hair. Kind of random, and definitely a want, not a need, but it's the little things that make life exciting, right? But seriously mom, anything and everything that you send is awesome. Sister Olsen doesn't have a super strong relationship with her family and they never really send her anything, so she gets excited when I open packages because I share whatever I get and/or use it all to decorate our apartment (which is looking much better by the way, thanks for all the cute LDS posters! Our walls look so much better! Plus, Abigail, our born again friend, gave us a strand of 400 christmas lights and we hung them up and it actually looks like girls live in our apartment! hooray!)  

5. Is it hot all the time? - It is hot most days. It's been cool for the last few days so I'm grateful for the cardigans and the rain jacket and tights because the wind can make it kind of chilly. But yes, it gets pretty hot down here and humid definitely. It's only May though, so I'm looking to lots more warmth as we go through the summer!

6. Does it rain all the time? - When it rains is pours here, and our parking lot is such that we have a small lake in our parking lot everytime it rains. We've named it Lake Saskatchewan and the two of us are Sister Lewis and Sister Clark when we have to walk around it. Elder Franke (our zone leader) asked if he could be Sakajewea(sp?) and of course we said yes!

7. Do you know that I freakin love your face! - Oh yes yes yes! But more importantly, do you know that I love your freakin face!!! So much!

Okay- I am out of time but please know I love you and the church is so very, very true!
Sister Chausow

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