Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July!

So glad the family is doing well, that Caitlyn and Sinos are just lovin life. I will continue to pray for John. I love him so much. He emailed me once from S. T. Please let him know that I pray for him often. I will be praying for you both while you go visit him next week. I know that Heavenly Father trusts you tremendously. Thank you for being a great example to me. 

So happy you and dad are having fun as empty nesters. I guess yall have something to look forward to, eh? :) 

We actually had pday on the 4th so we got to go to this free food festival at a non-denomonational church with an investigator and his less active wife. It was pretty interesting. We got preached to for a minute about accepting Jesus in your life, and we also got free bbq chicken, jambalaya, and sno cones. Good times. Watched a few fireworks from our stairwell since the neighbors were lighting some off in the street. Taught Sister Biver the american anthem and some nerdy facts about the Revolutionary War. We also played Risk with the Elders and Elder Smith won - total global domination! The silly things we do to entertain ourselves...

Cool experience yesterday- The ward mission leader's wife up in Denham Springs asked us to go visit her cousin who is older and lives alone in Metairie. We went yesterday and met her and she is the cutest lady. We just said we were friends with Glenda Davis and she invited us in, got us glasses of ice water and little dishes of snacks. I was humbled that she would do that for complete strangers. We had a good chat getting to know her and then we read some Bible stories together and shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon (she is Baptist and very happy in her church) and it was just nice to be so warmly welcomed, even if she's not ready right now to receive the gospel. The sisters will continue to visit her once a month and I know that she will accept this gospel eventually, even if it's not in this life. She told us that she and her husband traveled through salt lake city a long time ago and he was so impressed that he bought a copy of the book of mormon. Her husband has since passed away, and I wonder if he is trying to help his wife accept the gospel in this life so that they can be sealed together. It's kind of cool to think about.... :)

I am being transferred tomorrow! I'm a little sad, but mostly excited. I kind of felt this was coming, and I am very at peace. I feel like I've learned so much from living and working here, and the people have loved me and taught me a lot as well. Sister Biver and I have had so much fun together, but I feel like we need to move on if are going to continue to progress. 

So I was wondering if you could send me a package!!! I need some stuff and I was hoping you could help me out. :) I will send you my new address next week, and I was wondering if you can send

-More Olay Facewipes
-More Gummie one a day vitamins
-3 Talks: "Perfection Pending" by Elder Nelson, "What does it mean to be perfect" by Elder Samuelson, and "Becoming perfect in Christ" by Elder Gong. The last one is in this month's ensign and I just love it because it helps me see how/why I need to let go of some of my overly-high expectations/demands of myself and others. 

You are the freakin best and I love you so much! I'm putting a letter in the mail for you today!

Love, Sister Chausow

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